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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 26, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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around the time they moved. >> they were nice people. he was a techy. they bought a house and spent time making it right. >> also, the grandparents rented her in laws apartment during a brief stay. she didn't know their son was kevin krim. >> they mentioned their children lived around the corner. and i knew them. >> many are young couple was children ready for halloween. nannies walk pushing strollers, ann ben yet told me this part is dubbed nanny valley. she knows all of them. but on weekends? >> i recognize kids but they're with they're parents. >> almost everyone i spoke with knew what happened to the family. >> of course it goes through your mind.
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and you just have to go with your gut. >> cleveland says she ask her friends take no chances they go through services, that helped them pick nannies. >> all nannies are prescreened so this can help you cut through some of the stuff you might not do. >> kevin krim heard the news from police who were waiting for him at the airport when he returned last night if a business trip. comcast and nbc issued a statement that says sadness we feel for the family is without measure. >> and we're going to talk to the owner of a nanny agency who wants to reassure parents that what happened in nork is rare. you're going to hear about precautions they make to make sure children under safe hands. >> two teenagers are under
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arrest after an 18-year-old and his 16-year-old roommate beat a woman and set her body and the house on fire to cover up the crime. >> two took valuables, guns and jewelry. >> investigators say the 16-year-old is a distant relative of the victim. the teenagers showed up under pretense of helping her to do yard work. they did not enter pleas. >> governor brown followed up on a promise from sunday to send california patrol officers to help fight crime in oakland. the police chief embraced that additional help. and burglaries up 40% over last year.
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governor brown says he will find money in the budge writ to help out oakland these are serious issues. we should do it with public safety. we're limited in funds. >> police force is under manned. there are 629 officers, down from 837 four years ago. >> san jose police believe an accused rapist may have assaulted other women. they released this photo to see if others recognize him. he is accused of raping one woman, trying to assault two others near san jose monterey road. the rape vip was attacked in a remote area and gave officers a license plate number. police caught him. >> last night's occupy oakland protest was more focused on survival of the movement. several hundred mars around and organizers decried
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violence and event was mostly peaceful, only two were arrested. and there were no reports of broken windows. this morning the area back open for business. workers power washed the plaza. others erased some of the graffiti left there. >> some businesses, apple stock dipped today for the first time in three months following a warning the cost rolling out new products he is spishlly -- especially mini ipad is going to cut into profits. after falling as low as $591 apple stock rebounded to finish at $6:04. apple shares now have lost more than $100 from their peak of $705 a share. that took winds down to broader markets to finish at 13,000. the s and p up closing the
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week at 1412. >> san francisco police passing out information to muni passengers warning about iphone thefts. the number of thefts exploded lately. this showed many wait by the door, snatching away iphones. this one oblivious to surroundings. >> they're being targeted and will wait until doors open. as they're closing the suspect grabs the phone, takes off out of the doors. it's a very, very common problem. value is very high for the fobs. >> officers shopping and lists ways to avoid becoming victims. >> well, what do you do when your iphone is lost or stolen. it's called find my iphone z when you find it on the app store you'll get this screen.
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from here, what happens is that you'll click it, down load that right there. then, there is this appp helping you find the i've yob yon. -- iphone. it will pinpoint where it is. we have a link to this information for you at abc 7 >> very cool. thank you. police in san leandro say they just arrested a man who stole wheels from a car trying to sell them on craig's list. the owner saw that ad he called police who arranged to meet with the suspect. then arrested him for possession of stolen goods. they also found properties from another theft and returned to it his owner. police say they solved multiple cases this week. >> there are nearly a dozen initiatives on the november ballot. millions and millions are being spent to influence your vote. one battle has a brother and sister spending millions to sway voters.
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>> california's initiative allows anyone to propose a law. six of the 11 ballot measures californians will be deciding had well be people bank rolling one side. new reports compiled by map filed among biggest owners molly who contributed to her own proposition 38 to fund public schools through an income tax increase. her brother has given $36 million to defeat her sister's rival, prop 30. governor brown's tax measure and hopes money helps win approval for prop 32 curtailing labor yun yinz influence in politics. venture capitolist spent $29 pill -- $29 kblinl for green energy projects spelled out in his proposition 39. mercury insurance founder
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pumped $16 million into prop 33 which changes how rates are cal tu lated. u.s. supreme court says it's okay to give unlimited amounts to ballot measures.. >> telling voters this isn't for everyone. you know? you can see this many wealthy people putting in giant sums of money, it's unprecedented. >> california common cause took a lot of money during a previous election because it couldn't get reforms through the legislature. the group says someone has to pay for those ads and campaign efforts. >> to qualify takes an incredible amount of time and energy and money. that is to gather signatures needed and required by the constitution. >> money doesn't always win. the california voter foundation says voters only approve a third because it's harder to convince people to vote yes.
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>> you cannot buy voters votes. >> humane society got prop 2 passed largely on a grass roots effort. now, hens have to have more room in cages. to see a list, you can go to our web site abc 7 and click it on see it on tv. >> all right. thank you so much. >> coming up here rice of something that kids all over the bay area and america eat for lunch every day is about to drop. >> supermarket goods have become a hot commodity. >> i'm sandhya patel. mild to warm weekend ahead. a different story object east coast. i'll have the latest coming up. >> and we caught up with giants as they left for detroit today this, time bringing along something special they don't normally get to take with them. stay with us.
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sky 7 was over head after a car crashed into a safeway store at about 10:30 this morning. witnesses say the driver of the black jaguar was leaving his space. he rammed the side of the shopping cart area. he was treated at the scene. students forced to stay in class rooms while officials investigated the cause of that mysterious voter. staff noticed a cloud before 9:00 this morning and took the kid inside. the authorities pinned down the source to a common pool cleaner. it was being used by contractors working in a nearby house. the shelter in place was lifted soon, after that. >> a spike in shoplifting promming store as lock up valuable items like diapers.
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retail stores may be losing $30 billion to shoplifters police say organized gangs are targeting stores, early pregnancy tests and rogain are disappearing from shelves. >> these items sold at greatly reduced price you're talking about flea markets. >> stores are fighting back with increased surveillance, and locking up common products. we're going to have more on what this is costing shoppers coming up on world news tonight at 5:30. >> a little good news today for consumers. coast cost of peanut butter expected to drop. prices soared after a drought when high heat hit the southeast. but in spring mild temperatures this year promise a bumper crop. railroad already, farmers expected to bring in 66% more peanuts. experts say the price of the jar could drop 10% or more. >> all right. go, giants.
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they're getting ready for game three tomorrow. the home field advantage may be gone for now. they're getting to take a touch of home along with them on the road. winning game to a halt today. giants dealt with traveling. the players and their manager say they may be playing today. >> this is one of the frustrating things because we're so game ready. >> as players roaded up, many had wifes and children with them which you don't see during regular season. >> that is a decision you made to try to keep players in the right frame of mind. they want their family to share experience. >> the giants are ahead and this change doesn't concern executives.. >> it's giving a choice.
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it's 2-0. >> they're super stars but still have to go through travel headaches at the airport. once approving they'll try to get a light work out in, then relax tonight. manager says they will miss the home field advantages. >> unbelievable two games. we're appreciative. >> they did get a send off. fans gathered to wish them well. >> this is important to see fans and know they're loved and we're rooting for them. >> we asked the leadership if he'd rather clinch the leadership or do it here at home. >> so, series now shifts towards yin voguel song in
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game three and game five, monday in detroit in necessary. abc 7 with help you on facebook. go to facebook like us and then click the logo at the top of our page. that is going to take you here, you can choose to share any or all of the nine badges to show support on your facebook wall. >> and donner summit opened today. that is the first to open to season. and it got more than three feet of snow this week and they're all excited. >> and and you can go ahead
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and ditch those umbrellas for weekend. we're looking towards san francisco. it's blue skies out there. temperatures running three to 10 degree as above where they are yesterday. low 60s into upper 70s in places. right now, you can see skies clear. and fog and low clouds well off the coastline at this hour. so real mild wernl here. it's going to be warming up but a big difference on the east coast. we're watching hurricane sandy. you can see outer bands.
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and 75 miles per hour now. forecast track weakens and moving to the northeast z then, by next week makes a northwestern turn expected land fall around washington, d.c. or baltimore this, storm expected to merge with another storm coming in. colder air from canada. and if they this materializes this could have major impact heavy rain, coastal flooding and we'll be watching carefully here, travel trans to mid atlantic plans heading into next week could be facing major delays so just be careful. and temperatures now into the bay area, really mild. temperatures into 70s inland. 60s coast side. we're headed towards warmer
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weather. sunny, warm this weekend. rain likely on halloween, computer models in agreement. both computer models looking wet for halloween. temperatures tomorrow morning not quite as cold as this morning. upper 40s to about mid-50s. and we'll see fog forming right near the coastline in the morning. storm clouds well north and there is a sunny weekend ahead. temperatures remain on the mild to warm side saturday and sunday. 76 in the south bay. santa clara on the peninsula. 76 for palo alto. coastal areas clear skies near the coast. 63 in daily city. 60s near the coast. 79 in santa rosa. mid-70s oakland, hayward,
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inland areas right around where you should be. 69 in monterey. 67 in carmel. accu-weather forecast mild to warm both days this weekend. a little bit cooler beginning monday continuing through the end of the work week. we'll bring in a chance of rain rain likely on halloween. another chance of showers late friday night. i've been trying to push the rain off for trick or treaters. >> a lot of parents want to you keep trying. >> thank you a lot. >> well there is plenty to do on halloween. we have a list of events happening all over the bay area. we have highlighted events that are kid friendly. we'd love to see your picture. you can e mail those to
5:20 pm >> coming up next finney's friday free stuff is a stress release. >> at 6:00 tonight a celebrity chef explains how you can make healthy living a new priority for the family.
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oh, boy. weekend is finally here. giants up two games to nothing. what more is there to life? >> how about something for nudge something we like that. >> finney's friday free stuf we're going to start with food, but dan can't have it. >> there we go. >> this is from safeway. and it their frozen appetizer coming in a bunch of flavors. that is cool. cheese, spinach. >> look at that.
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>> they only go for $7. so why do you buy them? this is from a company called putty world. this is called think putty. some is glowing in the dark. you can bounce it. do you remember that? this is done. >> fancy. >> fancy. >> that is worth about $14. >> how do we get this good stuff? >> good question. you call or at any time you can log on to abc 7
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>> this is just -- . >> go to my blog. there are two more items there. >> thank you. >> look at that. >> coming up next a bird's eye view o
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tonight at 6:00 reassuring words from a local nanny agency and precautions they take to make sure your children under safe hands. michael finney looks into prop 33. can you trust an insurance company to sponsor a ballot measure that promises to will heer premiums? and abc 7 news i team is back with a connection between a missing san francisco boy ask a convicted serial killer. >> thank you very much. see you then. >> giants fans are sky high after winning games one and two. >> why not?
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turns out there are giants fans in the sky, too. the crew on virgin america flight took pictures of fans cheering and put it on you tube. >> yes. it looks though most were towards giants games. >> fans are, after all, everywhere. >> two games up. they landed a little while ago in detroit. game three, tomorrow. >> okay. >> world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. we'll see yo this is "world news." tonight, superstorm. 66 million americans on alert for a giant storm ready to unleash an epic mix of flooding rain, snow and wind. sam champion and the abc news extreme weather team out tonight. pep rally. president obama trying to rekindle the fire with young voters.


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